Johannesburg City & Soweto Day Tour

Get a good overview of the Johannesburg New CBD, Sandton in the Northern suburbs, Houghton where Nelson Mandela lives and some of the City’s top schools and universities before heading into Johannesburg CBD and the Newtown area.

Duration: Approximately 5 hours
Pick up: 09h00 or 13h00

Sandton City/ Houghton (45min)
We proceed to Sandton City, the modern 1st world central business and shopping district of Johannesburg, we continue through the leafy northern suburbs such as Houghton where our former leader Mr Nelson Mandela lives when he is in Johannesburg. These are the most beautiful and expensive suburbs in Gauteng. Get a good overview of the Johannesburg New CBD and some of the City’s top schools and universities before heading into Johannesburg CBD and the Newtown area.

Constitutional Hill (60min)
Walk in their footsteps at Constitutional Hill.
Constitutional Hill is the new home of the Constitutional Court, the protector of our basic rights and freedoms. Constitutional Hill is also the site of Johannesburg’s notorious Old Fort Prison complex, commonly known as Number Four. This is where thousands of ordinary people were brutally punished before the dawn of democracy in 1994. Many South African’s leading political activists, including Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, were detained here.

Enter Soweto via the up-market area called Diepkloof Ext where some of the houses can cost in the millions.
In complete contrast we visit a large hostel in the area, in days gone by the notorious hostel system was used as single gender accommodation for migrant labourers, it is now used as informal lodgings for family units. Guests will have a chance to step out and explore the hostel, as well as visit the Ekukhanyeni Crèche which is one of KDR Travel/ development projects. Sylvia, the teacher will introduce us to the children and ask the children to sing a song for their guests.

Baragwanath (sightseeing)
Into the Baragwanath area and stop at the huge taxi rank for a walk about. The Baragwanath Taxi Rank is opposite the largest hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.
Here guests get to soak up the sites, sounds and “smells” of Africa at close quarters – informal open-air butcher shop, herbalists, barbers and market etc. Enjoy the ‘Smilies’ breakfast (the meat of a cow or sheep’s head) and sip on an Omqombothi (traditional beer) at one of our local shabeens.

Informal Settlement (30min)
Clients get a chance to walk around the Informal Settlement Camp, as our Soweto Resident Tour Guide gives a tour about the area.

Kliptown Museum
Spend some time exploring the Kliptown Museum where clients will learn about the history in the area.

A highlight of a visit to Soweto is a delicious lunch at one of the well run restaurants patronized by both tourists and locals, offering typical “township” cuisine. Desserts and drinks are not included.

Vilakazi Street
The tour bus will drive through Vilakazi Street, which is the only street in the world where two Nobel Prize winners lived: Nelson Mandela & Desmond Tutu. Unfortunate we won’t be able to enter as the Mandela Family Museum has been closed for renovations.
Museum has been closed for renovations.

Regina Mundi & Thokoza Park
Our last stop will be Regina Mundi Church. This is one of the biggest Catholic churches in South Africa. The Regina Mundi Church is the focal point of much of the struggle in the 70’s and 80’s and home to the famous Black Madonna and Child painting. This church is also known as “The Parliament of Soweto”

Mandela’s Family House
We then visit the newly revamped Mandela House and Visitors Centre in famous Vilakazi Street which is filled with many interesting artefacts and memorabilia pertaining to South Africa’s greatest icon.

Depart Soweto
The trip may be tailored to cover guest’s special interests and may be extended to include for example, a visit to Orlando Stadium which was the first stadium of Soweto built in 1936, in 1937 was occupied by Orlando Pirates F.C. By then it was called the People’s team because it was the first proper matchbox House to be built on the site. During the 2010 World Cup opening concert in Orlando Stadium Mr Nelson Mandela lost his granddaughter.

A trip down a historical mine at Gold Reef City and others. This is an essential trip for anyone interested in the Miracle of Transformation that is South Africa. We will tailor the trip to your interests and time available. This is much more than just a tour it is a hands-on experience.

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