About Us

Incredible Tours and Travel specialises in guided safari tours, guided city tours, guided cultural tours and transfer services. The company is based in Johannesburg South Africa. The company philosophy is to develop lasting customer relationship and repeat business. This is achieved by ensuring that we are constantly meeting agreed requirements with regard to specification, safety, time and cost. We have succeeded in developing competent staff support, all focused on meeting customer requirements.

We seek to continually expand our operations and client base and offer our services to the industry for major and minor  international projects.


Through the utilization of the expertise and hands-on experience of staff employed by Incredible Tours and Travel, we aim to provide a service that is both useful and a return on investment to all our clients. All our clients are fully insured in case of a road accident.

Safety Policy

The company has developed a procedure on how the work is carried out. All drivers and tourguides are trained on how to adhere to the safety regulations while transporting our clients.

The Occupational Health & Safety Act is followed within the company. The staff (permanent & contract) will have on-going training on the Occupational Health & Safety regulations as well as on the usage of equipment within our vehicles.

What makes us different?

  • Hands-on experience in the business field
  • Dedication to work completion on schedule time
  • Professionalism
  • Competitive prices

Target Market

  • International and local tourists
  • Back packers
  • Governmental Departments
  • Local and international educational institutions
  • Parastatals
  • Airport transfers & shuttle services
  • Corporate companies

Quality Policy

Incredible Tours and Travel commits to construct work to the Quality Requirements of the prescribed specifications of each particular contract, within a framework of accepted industry standards.

This undertaking is achieved by ensuring that site supervision personnel are trained, properly briefed and geared to respond to Quality Control procedures and by management being committed to and supportive of the Quality Assurance process.

Quality Policy Statement

Incredible Tours and Travel will provide products and services that comply with agreed requirements.  The management is committed to ensure that the principles of right first time and zero deviation are adapted to all levels of the company.

Preferred mode of Operation

At Incredible Tours and Travel we like to see ourselves as your partner in your endeavours. Accordingly, we prefer getting involved in medium and long term contractual arrangements with our clients, rather than responding to short-term and emergency call outs.

However, having entered into a partnership arrangement with you, you are assured of our total commitment to meeting your company’s needs.